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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Dah Miang

I don't even know how to define myself, what do i like what i dislike. It changes most of the times depends on the situation I'm facing. On thing for sure, i'm in love with chocolate every time i breathe, and i hate fights. I love doing things on my own, i move alone and prefer to be alone but I'm a loud person. Too loud that i can make people want to kick me when i start talking. Annoying i must say?

Lately the colors seem so bright.. ah cemtu. but anyway I've been in love. kot? I don't even know myself and i've been trying to find answers jugek. After so many researches been done, I think I am because I couldn't find any single reason to like this particular person then I know I'm in love but chill la guys, I don't kacau him. I'm on my own. This feeling; its hazardous, dangerous and fragile.

I respect everyone's feelings as I respect mine.

If anyone ever wonder how do i survive to love this man, I don't even know myself. I just like him and being conscious that this feelings i'm having is just on my own. My heart flutters to see his smiles, laughs and jokes but I like to keep it cool because i'm kewl liddat. I'm sure my eyes only see this man. I don't know for how long but its better this way? Better kot though sometimes there's a little pain i feel when i see him but i've been a good girl.

You don't mess with him kan nurul? *talk to myself like this all the time*

I don't know which part of him that has taken me down because i don't even realize when this crush feelings turned to something else.Funny because crush on people is normal for me because it never lasts long and but when it strayed from original plan. I WAS DEVASTATED!
How it happened? Contact? nope. Hang out? also nope. I didn't do anything and so did he but that feeling, it existed right there. so sudden like lightning and thunder. *sebabtu guwa tak suka kilat dan guruh* 
I was so down at first. Probably because I was off guard that time and he was there right on time. It was funny yet solemn. I've been having hard time to get used to this love-kind-feeling since I realize about his existence, apatah lagi mencuba untuk menyesuaikan diri dengan diriku yang semakin meleleh tak tentu hala ni. Jiwang terox

I don't even know what are these feelings I'm having but I'll just believe myself. As long as I'm okay, I'll be just okay. I'm comfortable having him around though sometimes I don't feel it is safe to have him around. Like what the hell are you haa?

Dia comel la. Hmm comel la jugak. annoying pun ye jugak,  banyak jugak. Apehal boleh suka dia tah. Kang aku pinang dia terus baru tau. K k tenang.

Hey, it's still May so may i have you for the rest of my life?
Allahu. Hahahahaha

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