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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Two O One Seven

Welcome to 2017
3 years to 2020 and I still couldn't see any possibility to see flying cars. Getting older, to some people age is sensitive thing to talk about but naahh I'm fine, because I have young heart inside. Hiks
Currently battling with final exam and 3 more papers to go. I couldn't do any credit transfer dekat UTM, don't know why la. Why UTM buat anak kandung dia macam ni? huks..
But anyway, my new year was with teaching profession paper. So how was everyone's? Dengan gewe mewe tewe cewe wewewewe? So again, what's your goal for every new year? Hari-hari tanam azam baru dan end up dengan menanam azam itu kebawah tanah sehingga tiada lagi kelihatan. Macam akulah, berangan nak dekan penyudahnya dok main lagi and tak study.
Eh macam sekarang, mana study. Tengah update blog

Every year has been great years for me and i have nothing to complain except for myself lah yang sampai bila asyik nak main nak main tak serious. Aku tengok kawan-kawan dah serious bercinta, plan nak berkahwin, indahnya bercinta ke sini sana. Mohon clash

Thank you to everyone who participated in my story. Leaving your marks and prints in my heart and my mind. I want to start fresh my new year, let's forget everything we have (feelings, grudge, hatred, annoyed, guilty etc) . I just want to live my life.
Thank you, you people who are still reading this blog of mine. You people are love is in the air...blupblup

Thank you, you who were there for a moment, gave me smiles though everything is a moment of happiness, i'll cherish it when i feel like breaking down and i'll take your advice. May you be happy with what you had chosen.
Thank you people i met 2016, let's get to know each other more.
Thank you my family members (aunts, uncles, atoks), my forever apple pies. This year i got brother-in-law so the first raya without my sister was a bit awkward kot. No one to pair my baju kurung with, no one to suggest what should i style up my tudung. End up doing everything alone. But happy for her, she married to her choice and may Allah bless both of them
Thank you my mak for unending love and prays.
Let's finish this year for another upcoming year.

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