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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

First year UTM

Hi. I have been around for many months. Been busy managing my life to which it can never be managed. I've furthered my studies here, UTM sanjungan bangsa! I was super excited here at first but after 3 weeks i started to feel annoyed *lol sangat*
It's not that utm tak best but i think that the environment here is far different from kptm so i was having a hard time settling down.
To which you might wonder *if you wonder* i still pursuing my dream to be a teacher. SAINS SERTA PENDIDIKAN TESL
Nama fakulti diberi fakulti pendidikan and yeah here's some trend that been done by few seniors here such as MPM JKM and so on when they introduce themselves they started with
"Nama diberi bukan dipinta"
"Nama diberi" repeat like 3times
And somehow the complete one sounds like this
"Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera salam utm sanjungan bangsa! Nama diberi bukan dipinta meon bin semon... Meon bin semon ... Meon bin semon"
This quite famous during MMM laa because all those students that got title pangkat jawatan akan kenalkan diri mereka macam tu. So we all juniors started to mocking like that in group. That introduction is quite annoying to me but somehow funny. This is my first time in public university, my first time join orientation week(mmm) because i used to escape this thing during form 1,form 4 including diploma so for this one i got no choice but to join and pasrah jela kan.
Been two months here i already got tired with life to that point i feel like quitting. All these assignments are suck especially for procrastinator like me. Hewhewhewww . i come to play volleyball only and then i don't want to study. To be in dean list need to at least 3.67 only then counted as dean. I was so walaowehhh tremble sia my knee. I always play and i don't study until one day i sat for my favourite subject fundamentals of grammar and i got 21/40 only. That time i was so down that i cannot accept the truth about it. I've never gotten that low for grammar so that was my first time mestilah down! I realized that
Actually, the more you learn the more you don't know. I used to be in that "i know" position so that was like turning point like a boomerang flew to me and i fell.

I knew that i shouldn't be playing like this anymore this degree but how aaa i only want to play play play. But utm is nice maybe I'm not nice. I need to work harder then la. I want medal also for my convo in future. Mak, i make you proud aaa. Muahciked. Hiks. Alright. I gotta go finished the tons of assignments. Adios. sayounara!

P/s : i learn japanese meh and it is so much fun! And I've been having a japanese name since before Akira. 😎

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