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Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Hi and assalamualaikum.,

One the best things happened in my life is being called "Cikgu" "Teacher"
Even though sometimes i didn't properly deliver my lesson content, sometimes i made the students misunderstand still whenever they call me "cikgu" or "teacher" i always feel like flying in the air. Even orang panggil aku sayang pun it never flutters me but those calls je i dah mcm wauu sangat.
Whenever my students mention the littlest things i have ever did to them, i already touched mcm nak belanja makan coki2. Hiks

I have never dreamt to be a teacher. Before i wanted to be a doctor or psychiatrist because I've always seen doctors are good in talking. Playing with patients' emotion to believe that they can be cured that everything will be okay. They just know how to. As for psychiatrist, i don't even know why but my friends once said to me
"Kau kalau jadi psychiatrist, memang sesuai sbb kau psiko"
Sometimes my mind is a bit off went crazy overboard mcm org gila but somehow actually i like to deal with problematic people. I like to analyze them and find out their problem myself. Guessing everything from my analytical ability kott. Huhu. I made my own conclusion.

However after so many things I've been through in my life, i think that my personality is actually more to sharing and caring. I just want to teach with whatever i know. I want to change all those bad to good. I want people to learn something from me. Want to be someone you can lean on. TEACHERS
Being a teacher actually you become anyone. A lawyer, a judge, police, actor/actress, doctor, counselor and everything. Sometimes you pretty sometimes you turn messy. Handling students are turning into different characters.
When your students fight, you'll be both lawyer and judge. You can't be biased towards anyone. Need to find solution and sometimes advise them. How awesome?
When your students fall sick, you suddenly become a doctor. Treat and cure them. Calm them down. While going to practical, i understood more and started to fall in love. This is not a profession, but a duty.

Today i almost feeling like letting go but i happened to find cards and letters from my students, i felt motivated once again. I stop whining  and start figuring. No matter what will happen, it shouldn't stop my from making my dreams come true. Isn't?

Ah... Good night. Let's pray and sleep.

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