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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Revival Seleqila

Hi. Been so long i left this blog. Hi blog how are you. I'm back for you! Baru-baru ni meriah concert revival Selena. I was inspired to revive also. I mean, there must be reason selena revive. To show that she is not fond of JB anymore kot? Hihi. What if JB truly love Selena and they didn't end up like we knew. I think the concert would be named "Re-love again".
So because of the concert's name inspired me to revive. Here's the story of how i revive.....

Tapi sebenarnya belum official lagi my revival ni. Masih lagi di awang-awangan. Kerja ni penat. Especially mengajar budak-2. I am fond of my students, always want to give the best during my lesson but I always end up with myself stuck in a problem that i couldn't find solution for it. *hantuk kepala di dinding*
And because of that i always tak focus in teaching. My mind is truly absent......

I've stopped with fitness, sweating, sports and so on so i feel empty space somewhere. They always tell you to do what makes you happy but..... What makes me happy is also what gives me problem.

I know no where to share my problem because the problem is actually me alone. So I'm letting all out here. I need to talk. Staying here at kampung is so indescribable. It's not that i hate kampung. This is where i was born and i grew up of course la i love my kampung. But you know kampung,when my feet is limited to move i feel suck. If i move around I'll be meeting nenek and makcik that will ask "engko anak sapa duduk mana" in fact I've been meeting all those aunts thrice-fifth-tenth kot in a month. This is kampung mesti ada bau bacang. I got licence but i got not motorcycle to move around. Everyone knows betapa tidak reti duduk diamnya aku.... So here i am at kampung, i am the most passivest human ever. It's not that i don't have any childhood friends here, i do but how to make contact with them even in WA group i don't know how to say "weh jom lepak"

I've applied to further my studies after one year gap wasting time, changing jobs, wasting money, got myself a licence because i think i need to study, to find friends to get something to do. Please pray for me. I need some new air other than my room and house and 7e depan rumah.

Living here with mak not even a single day i ever tried to go to kitchen learning how to cook. I'm just so lazy to do it. I'm so lazy to do anything i just want to lie down on the bed and think and imagine my "WHAT IF"

Okay dah habis mencurah. Actually taktau nak explain apabende masalah gua yang sebenarnya. I'm just so complicated to understand myself. Wait for my revival.... sooooooon...

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