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Sunday, 31 July 2016

A teacher like me

I guess when you have this instinct of teaching, you'd always feel you are responsible in shaping your students,in their life, what concerned them, what makes them happy and what makes them sad.
I always have that feeling whenever i step into the class. Looking at their face, it's like the expressions of

"please tell me that i still have hope"

I'm easily offended and mudah marah bila my students taknak cuba. Whenever i ask question, they won't try to answer, i feel so mad. My first rule in class is not looking for a smart or genius student but, an active and energetic one. It doesn't matter la jawapan students tu mengarut ke apa ke, that's not the point. I just want them to participate in the scene. If they participate, they'll have and enjoying session of learning. Something needs to stimulate their brain. I believe that by laughing and enjoying every single thing you do are the catalyst of learning. So bila student diam tak berjawab i feel like nak slap je depa. I'm not into passive people because they are hard to approach, they can't be criticised but some can. I'm not saying everyone yang passive tu takleh dikritik but i said some. Just some of them because i happened to encounter all those passive people with negative aura like they are telling me "you are bad, get lost!"
Mcm tu laa.

Dari zaman praktikal sampai sekarang mengajar di pusat tusyen, gaining all those experience in handling students i think most of them are likely the same. Sama je. Nak kene sepak nak kene lempang. All those annoying creatures are actually my happy pills. It was fun knowing them walaupun gua asyik mengetatkan muka masa mengajar especially F1,F2 and F3. Sbb dorang ni annoying. The kind of annoying yang buat aku gelak bila habis mengajar. Kadang2 kene bahan dengan dorang bila ingat balik aku rasa mcm lupa semua masalah. I don't really mind kene kacau because i know at their age, they enjoy making fun of others. That's normal thou because i did it too before.
Some yang jenis degil kepala batu nauzubillah tapi kadang2 belajar masuk, ada yang jenis muka blur tak paham sepatah apa, yang kerja 24/7 nak kene tengok handphone tengok wechat. Yang baik pandai kedekut nak bagi jawapan. And so on.All those people are actually the entertainers. During my time pun me and my friends did that.
Here my piece of advice to all teachers out there. Either you are going to or about to or currently a teacher. Whatever your students do, never say
"i tak halal ilmu i"
"Buang masa mengajar, satu pun tak masuk"

All those are actually satu pengeluhan dan you know Allah tak suka hambanya mengeluh.
Always forgive and forget. even tak banyak at least 10% of your knowledge they understand it's okay. The littlest the better, better than nothing. Kadang2 myself geram sangat dengsn dorang, what i always do is conteng on their paper. I write some advice there, kadang2 advice tu panjang kadang pendek, depends on what happened during the class, sometiems ada emoji and so on. I couldn't show much affection towards them along these 3 months but i hope they know that every teacher wants their students be a human. A useful one.

It was a great experience to teach high school students. Quite challenging i must say. Their mind is almost at the same level as mine. I am a late bloomers comparing my friends' life and my life. The thing i enjoy up to now is playing around while my friends are getting serious of marriage matter. I still watch Barbie, spongebob and Hi5. I act recklessly my mom said...and I'm not so reliable for certain task. Indeed. XD

Ah. I don't know who will be my next students and how are they going to accept me. I'm just so curious. Wish i have a time machine. Thank you to all PTMM students,My english class. Thankful for all the moments created together.

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