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Monday, 8 April 2013

Hat's off

To all men in this world.

*hat's off*

Thank you for being a father, a leader, a brother, a husband, a father to kids, a grandfather, an uncle and good friend. 
Thank you for your hard work. Thank you for your simple mind. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your love. Thank you for leading to amal maaruf. Thank you for being a hero and protective.

Thank you. :)

This is not the story about the dark life or the dark skin. err. because, putting a make up on face is really hard. I would love addmath more than make up.

If you ask me.

Q: what is the hardest thing you ever done?
A: the hardest thing i ever done in my life is putting on a make up on my face
Q: why?
A: because it is complicated as you say women are complicated

to me, make up and women are just like men and their boxer. both can't live without each other.
even though i'm not wearing any make up or boxer, but i think i'm cute enough to wear anything i'm comfortable with.

fair and square.

so i'm asking you.

Q: why did men said that women are complicated?

A: tolong jawab dalam hati simpan dalam hati senyum senyum sendiri. sekian terima kasih :3

I know women might be complicated but we were created from your rib to be your partner to be with you through thick and thin. But, you need us to cook for you, to care about you, to comfort you :3. right.
So we can't live without each other because we need each other. 

My dad told me okay. :3
because i'm cute. you know i'm cute :3

I'm not siding any gender but of course, compared to women, men are much more intelligent than women. If they are not, Allah won't let them to be a leader right? 
Even, we are applying the phrase of "lady's first" to show gentle side of men kononnya.. HOWEVER as women, we should respect them(men) by take a good care of ourselves by covering what we are not supposed to expose to them ,our ajnabi. 
Well, i respect men. Why? Because my father shows me the good side of him as a man. What he can do as a man.

They are fast learners even their process of reaching maturity .. quite... krik krik krik krik.


a man who had became a father naturally will understand his wife and children. it is between they wanted to show it or not. 

welllll. lelaki kan ego. macam ayah guwa yang hensem :3

*hat's off*
*bow 90* 


Be a man who can lead to amal maaruf and understand your Quran and Hadis.

Then, totally guwa yang pergi pinang lu. hishh. siapa takmau :3.


NoTaKaKi: If men are fast learners then women are fast persuader. can ah? ahak. Well, guwa tak pandai pujuk orang. kbye

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